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Professional Self-Publishing

Professional Self-Publishing

Professional Self-Publishing Professional Self-Publishing Professional Self-Publishing

Publish your book to sell on the Internet



Your Guide for Successful Self-Publishing (pdf)


About Me and You

What I do...


I founded the Cape Cod Writer's Studio in September, 2016 as an idea to help  aspiring writers hone their writing skills in the writing lab. When they are ready to publish their work, we move on to the lap-top lab where they publish to Amazon in both an e-book and a paperback.

My Students


My students have already self-published in several genres. Ellen published her memoir, Cindy published two children's books, and four students are in the process of publishing theirs. 

Are you ready to publish?


 Helping someone publish their work is very exciting for both of us. If you are thinking about publishing your book, go to the publishing options page and see how easy this process can be. Also check our  pricing page and be surprised at how affordable we really are.   

Our Services


Our Services

Self-Publishing is not as easy as you may think and takes many attempts before you get it right. I speak from experience. If you are very computer and tech savvy, then I urge you to try it yourself.  

Basic Service (I do the work - you advise)

This service works well for someone who wants to get their story published and doesn't want to wait 3 or 4 years to learn the process. It includes an overall edit of your manuscript, selecting the size of the book for the print version. Formatting the entire interior of the book, setting up each page, chapter heading, indents and spacing, adding page numbers, headers and footers, and more. It includes the front matter and back matter, author bio and recent picture,  references, bibliography (if included). The author must proof and accept the final copy for print. (2 proofs).  

See our list of services in our brochure. The link is below.


Does your content (manuscript, all your ideas, your book covers, your Amazon accounts and perks, your royalties, and your second born child) belong to you? 

YES! The only "exclusivity" Amazon asks is for exclusive rights to your book and e-book for the first 90 days after you publish, which is completely optional. Traditional publishers require more if you go that route. 

One-on-One personalized Service

You get to work directly with me from inception to finish. Unless you live locally, on Cape Cod, MA., we work with each other through e-mail, and cell phone.

Self-Publish A La Carte Menu

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Covers - a la carte

You own all the rights to your cover to use anytime, anywhere.

Full Service Menu

Overwhelmed? Don't be, I work with you through the entire process.

What We Are About

Amazon Affiliation

"Amazon is the world's largest internet company by revenue." Wikipedia 

I publish exclusively with Amazon, using their KDP program for both e-books and  print books


Everything you write, the content of your books and e-books belong exclusively to you, the author. Amazon offers exclusivity for 90 days (optional), after that you are free to publish your book wherever you choose. 

Time Frame

Allow 3 to 4 weeks for your manuscript to be published and up for sale on Amazon. 

We can do it faster, but that will cost more.

$1500.00 to $2,000 depending on complexity of the submission. 

Contracts or Lack Thereof

Currently, there are no contracts to read or sign. Instead we have an AGREEMENT that explains what I am required to do and what responsibilities you will handle. It is all very simple. I believe in the KISS system. 


Submit Your Manuscript for Review

Your manuscript should be set up in Microsoft Word, letter sized, double spaced, in a legible font (Ariel, Times New Roman), and have page numbers. The cover page must have your name, e-mail address, and  cell number., as well as book title, sub-title, and author's name. 

We Do Not Accept

We reserve the right to reject manuscripts that do not meet our high standards. We are firm believers that less is more and we do not accept work which contains explicit sex or violence, or unbecoming language. 

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Contact Us

Drop us a line!

If you live on Cape Cod, visit us at the Writers' Studios

The Dennis Public Library- 5 Hall Street, Dennis Port, 

The Centerville Public Library, 585 Main Street, Centerville

or at this e-mail address.  

Cape Cod Writers Studio

5 Hall Street, Dennis Port, Massachusetts 02639, United States

508-760-6219 Dennis Port Library 508-790-6220 Centerville Library 774-238-1512 Sharon Anderson

Writers' studio



We also hold a LAP TOP LAB from Noon to 1:30 P.M. on Fridays by appointment.