About You and Me

Contracts or Lack thereof

When you Self-Publish, you have certain responsibilities so your book will belong to you, as well as your full Royalties. Instead of a contract, I use an AGREEMENT between you and me. It is not that different, but a little less ovewhelming. 


Remember, we are a Self-Publishing Service, which means I will HELP you self-Publish your book. Please read it through carefully. 

The Agreements


You Agree To

  1. Open your own account on Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and on Amazon's CreateSpace. This gives you a Book Page on KDP and a dashoard on CreateSpace. 
  2. Allow me access to both of these accounts with user names and passwords. (so I can download your manuscript and create your cover.) 
  3. You can use the same name and password for both accounts.
  4. Grant permission to display your book on this website with a link to your Amazon page. 

I agree

I Agree To

  1. Format your manuscript in doc. files or PDF files to submit to your own account on KDP or CreateSpace. 
  2. Create the cover using the cover creator offered by Amazon. We discuss this in depth with 2 changes. You can also have your cover created by an outside source. (Your choice) 
  3. You can preview the book during this process at any time by logging in to your account. 
  4. Most books require a month's time frame.  

I Agree

Other Decisions You Should Make

  • Book Size
  • Author's Bio
  • Author's Photo
  • Book Blurb for back cover
  • Book Blurb for KDP and CreateSpace
  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Title
  • Sub-title (if any)
  • Dedication Page
  • Acknowledgment Page

Discouraged? Don't Be.

This may seem overwhelming at first, but once you have done it the next book is easier, and you can do that one yourself.  


You can e-mail me any time at: 


Submit your manuscript here

You can submit your manuscript here for consideration only. 

This does not qualify as an accepted project. 

I will review it, and notify you.