Our Graduates

These students have already self-published their books

Current Books

Bearing Witness in the Time of Trump by Jane K, Marshall


Jane K. Marshall wrote this book from a woman's perspective of current times. Intelligent, timely and very well written.

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The Seagull and the Beluga Whale by Robert L. Buyer


How can a seagull rescue a whale? This story/workbook tells a tale of a unique friendship. Written by Robert L. Buyer and Illustrated by Ursula T. Coute.

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Squeeze and Sneeze by Marion Belle Harcourt


When Gerry the Giraffe is squeezed, he sneezes and strange things begin to happen. Illustrated and written by the author, Marion Belle Harcourt . 

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The Trunk by Gloria Hanson



Fleeing capture, a young couple take a trunk and a bundle up to a small village in the Apennine Mountains of Italy during the Second World War.  This is Gloria's seventh book.

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Navajo Strong by Joyce Phillips


Her second book in the series, Joyce again, laces two cultures together with a strong emphasis on the Navajo. Nicely written. 

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Soul Wisdom by Janet Barako


Soul Wisdom is a selection of stories Janet shares with the reader of her journey through Self-Hypnosis. These are based on the transcripts of her personal journal.

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More Books

Cruising Through Life As a Survivor By Ellen Dumaine


True story about a woman who survived 2 fourth stage cancers from 1983 to 2017. She starts out sharing her life story as a teenager to her retirement age, at 75 years young. It will be a great journey of cruising on private yachts as a personal chef with recipes and pictures. She also was a hairdresser, and an arts and crafts teacher on cruise ships.

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Daddy Long Legs Really Do Eat Hot Dogs by Cynthia Hatch


Join Daddy Long Legs on his journey tasting inedible delicacies, through this cleverly written rhyming book. Children will love the bold illustrations of Daddy Long Legs as they follow him as he realizes he does not like to eat normal everyday food that spiders eat; crunchy munchy beetles, slimy slugs with sticky goo and icky sticky ants, he will have none of it! All he really wants is a tasty hot dog!


Code of Bushido A Warrior's Wisdom Series by John Morash


This is a book of respect, that teaches students of all ages the basic meaning of respect! This is the warrior’s code of respect. It is not only for Martial Artist, but for all people. Children, adults and even seniors can be reminded of Universal Respect. Every day I notice more disrespect by students and adults. I believe that they simply were not trained, either at home or at school with simple manners. I blame no one, instead I offer everyone the chance to make this a better world by using the 4 Codes of Bushido. In my book I explain the simple truths of respect. Please read and enjoy it with your family, friends, and students. Respectfully yours, Grand Master John W. Morash M.Ed.


Free Your Soul by Sedona Summer


Free Your Soul  Hardship and suffering come in many forms. A loss is only one. The principle of recovery remains the same in any hardships: financial, physical or emotional health, or after a natural disaster. Recovery involves: •Freeing your soul. Your first step is to recognize you have a soul. The second step is to release your soul from the bondage of past and present harshness. Only then will you be able to connect to your soul; releasing all the love that you were naturally born with. From then on simply keep your soul nourished.


Falling From the Ladder by Barbara Kimball


Paul Robichaud is on a headlong trip down from success in Falling from the Ladder. Like his father before him, Paul Robichaud is the egocentric director of Herring River School, a private school overlooking the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod. He overbuilds, sending the school into severe debt. He is forced to expel several seniors for drug use and the school spirals into crisis as parents demand that his board of directors fire him and reinstate their teenagers for their graduation year. Meanwhile, Robichaud's wife leaves him for an old boyfriend and he is forced to parent halftime.  The former director falls off the ladder of success into depression and the dawning recognition that his achievements have prevented his true growth.  He goes on a journey to find himself.


River of Stars-Nights of Jasmine by Katrina Valenzuela



An artist, dancer, and intuitive, Kara lives in many worlds, and searches for one in which to belong. Her Irish grandmother unwittingly trains her as a medium as they share a room in their Boston Victorian home. Kara's Egyptian godfather fuels her fascination with Egyptian culture and ancient mystery school teachings. She sets out on a quest for the wise women who still preside over the healing ritual called the Zar.