Submission Guidelines


Microsoft Word Preferred

This is the preferred program for writing your story. If you are using another program, state that in your front page for me. Set-up should be on letter size, 1" margins all around, page numbers, double or 1.5 spaced, and in a readable font. (Times, Arial, Garamond.) 

Cover Page and Chapters

Your cover page should state your contact information: name, e-mail address in upper left corner. Under that type in number of pages and word count. Center your title about half way down, sub-title if any, under that your author name (by) and what program you are using.

In the upper right hand corner put the date of your submission. Page numbers on the right side bottom are a good idea. 

The first three chapters are all you have to send. If your submission is acceptable, then I will probably ask for the rest of the manuscript which you can send in a doc. or docx format.

When your manuscript is approved, I will let you know by e-mail and tell you where to go from there.  

Our Terms and Conditions

When  your book is published through us, you and your book become part of our book family. Your integrity is our integrity. If you wish to publish a book that is riddled with "f" words, and other unacceptable language, or you are torturing your characters in unacceptable ways, then please resist the temptation to use our services. 

We will only accept manuscripts that are appropriate for all audiences. (G Rated as in Grannie Rated) If your Grannie shouldn't read it, then please do not ask to use our services. 

More Ideas to Consider

If you have written a book, or several with a 'spiritual content' and you suddenly decide to write a romance novel with all of the story NOT on the cutting room floor but steaming through your pages, consider your readers, your reputation and your integrity. What type of an author do you want your public to meet? 

The Self-Published Author

  If you have read the material on this site, you will now have a better sense of what self-publishing is all about. It is not as easy as some people think, and it takes a dedicated writer, as well as a dedicated author who is committed to write and publish the best work he/she knows how. 

Are You Ready?

If you consider yourself ready to go to the next level, submit your manuscript below: